Minecraft as a Learning Tool

This project provides information for parents and teachers to help facilitate learning using video games as a mode of learning. Specifically this project focuses on the sandbox video game named Minecraft. Minecraft is an open world video game that could be used to produce individualized content in a 3D Voxel world.

The product is a book that provides information and suggestions for parents and teachers about game based learning in Minecraft. The book will also provide resources and information about the game as it is. It will provide a cheat sheet and a guide for getting adults started, since they should be using the game with the students. The last aspect of the project will be in Minecraft itself. There will be a computer stations with a playable version Minecraft. In the game there will be examples of possible interactions within Minecraft.

The world save can be downloaded here: Minecraft As a Learning Tool world save (111.2 MB)


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